Nu Ritual Business Card

Ericka Medina and Margaux Sarlin designed these business cards for Nu Ritual, a new range of soaps and skincare essentials.

“Nu Ritual is a new line of natural soap bars inspired by French craftsmanship. Made from pure natural ingredients, Nu Ritual celebrates the artisan method of soap making with a modern take,” said Laura Méndez, the Art Director of Menta studio.

“We created an identity that captures this essence through small details such as the olive branch engraving. The fine paper and printing techniques add a tactile experience through unique luxe details across the stationery set.”

Inspired by antique apothecary labels and modern botanic illustration, Nu Ritual business card design expresses the brand’s nature-oriented products perfectly. Keeping everything aligned in the center, plus its unique shape and classy approach, Nu Ritual business card captures its prospects attention instantly and effectively!

These business cards were printed by Betún de Mantequilla via copper foiling on Colorplan paper and cardboard. “For this project, we wanted to reflect the love of details that the brand has placed in each part of the process. A little sparkle of copper provides an elegant touch to the finishes,” Laura added.

Designed by Ericka Medina and Margaux Sarlin at Menta

Art Directress: Laura Méndez

Printed by Betún de Mantequilla

For Nu Ritual

Business Card Printing
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