Nous Emergir Skincare Business Card

Nous Emergir business cards

Maria Alice Queiroz designed these business cards for Nous Emergir, a brand dedicated to self-care, including beauty, makeup and skin care.

Nous Emergir offers the freedom of self-care without seeming futile, the freedom of when and how a person wants to be taken care of.

Nous Emergir logo and typography

Nous Emergir logo

“The brand not only sells skin care and makeup products, but in fact the idea of the moment when the person decides to take care of oneself,” Maria said.

The brand name, Nous Emergi, means ‘we emerge’ in French. It was chosen to express the feeling of understanding yourself, seeking self-immersion in a moment just for you.

The business card is designed to convey the idea of ​​a portal, where the person can enter and connect with oneself. It also has a holographic effect to it that catches people’s eye!

Apart from its beautiful gradient, the card design is further enhanced with its artistic and futuristic typography: Hatton (as primary font) and Space Grotesk (secondary font). As for the brand’s logotype, the typeface used is Tangerine by New Tropical Design.

Nous Emergir typographyNous Emergir card and product

Nous Emergir colour palette
Speaking of the logo and colour palette for the visual identity, Maria said, “It was requested for the brand to have a softer but firm style; soft colours that are matched in harmony, constructing a universe through colours.”

“For example, it’s like when we arrive at a place that we love and literally enter a parallel universe. It’s a world enchanted by what we love.”

“This same enchanted world was expressed in the logo, where there is a portal with a path to the sun – a metaphor for seeking its own light.”

These business cards are not printed yet, but if they were, “The cards would be printed with varnish and spot UV finishes,” Maria suggested.

Nous Emergir business cardsNous Emergir productsNous Emergir branding

Nous Emergir iconsNous Emergir packagingNous Emergir bags

Designed by Maria Alice Queiroz

For Nous Emergir

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