Nobox Training Business Card

Lenda Lenda Studio designed these business cards for Nobox, a small business focused on training better and happier healthcare teams, providing therefore for more efficient and humane services.

Speaking more about her client, Laura Pina, the designer of the studio said, “They do it with game-based learning and a lot of practical hands-on workshops on areas like conflict management and interdisciplinary team management, for example.”

Striking colour combos on one side while clear contact info on another, Nobox business card design has a fantastic appearance that immediately catches the eye! The design idea was to express the brand’s focus effectively.

“It was important to focus on the client’s mission pillars: positivity; planning and strategy; dedication and motivation and collaboration. Since these were so important and present everywhere in their trainings, we decided to make icons out of them – very minimal shapes – each with its own color. They should be used very dynamically and independently when needed as tokens and logo,” Laura said.

“From the beginning the goal was to make everything very straightforward and visual, so I had a lot of inspiration from minimal easy shapes and complementary colour combos.”

These business cards were offset-printed on thick, 2mm cardboard by a local printer called AJNET. The logotype “nobox” is also a high-relief over the print.


Designed by Laura Pina at Lenda Lenda Studio

Printed by AJNET

For Nobox

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