Nature’s Bloom Natural Care Business Card

Vian Risanto and Adela Saputra designed these business cards for Nature’s Bloom, a company that offers natural care, pediatric massage consultation and therapy, as well as a wide range of essential oils that helps in self-healing.

The design inspiration was derived from the company’s belief that ‘every one of us has the ability to bloom naturally’.

Therefore, the radiating nourishing and natural nuances expressed by the brand direction and logomark.


These business cards were offset printed by Taylor’d Press in green colour and copper-foiled on Stephen Smart white paper stock.

Then, a round-corner cut was applied on one corner of the card only.

According to Vian, they printed two versions of the business cards with the same printing technique but reversed the colours.

This is quite an interesting and exceptional business card design, with its minimal yet out-of-the-box approach (card shape) !


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Designed by Vian Risanto and Adela Saputra at Hue Studio

Printed by Taylor’d Press

For Nature’s Bloom

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