Nanay’s Burger Restaurant Business Card

Nanay's business cards

Luiz Matera designed these business cards for Nanay’s, a burger restaurant based in Goiás, Brazil.

According to Luiz, the menu at Nanay’s includes a wide variety of delicious burgers, as well as a wide variety of beverages.

“There is a strong focus on the burger and beer concept at this establishment. The construction is of a broad identity, which aims to express all the gastronomy of the place,” he said.

Nanay's branding_5Nanay's branding_3

Logo Design & Inspirations

The brand name, Nanay’s, was derived from pineapple, and the whole concept was built based on that purpose.

The business card design is minimalist with the focus on the brand name and a repeating pattern on the other side. It’s an unconventional design, yet with a modern twist.

“The logo was inspired by haute cuisine around the world, particularly Brazil. The combination of lines with different thicknesses, especially the thinnest in the middle, conveys an elegance and high class to the branding.”

Nanay's logo

Hamburgers are the star of the show at this gastronomic establishment, and the icon features a pineapple and a hamburger. Blue colour was used to replace the standard colours for hamburger.

These business cards were printed by Printi, an online printing company in Brazil.

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“The cards were printed in standard size (9x5cm) with a matte texture and a glossy finish. The paper goes beyond couché paper, with a larger texture,” Luiz said.

Nanay's business cardNanay's bagNanay's branding_1Nanay's burgerNanay's branding_2Nanay's branding_6Nanay's branding_4Nanay's branding packagingNanay's digital media

Designed by Luiz Matera

Printed by Printi

For Nanay’s

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