Nalu Boat Rental Business Card

NALU business card

Diego Cisneros designed these business cards for Nalu, a boat and yacht rental company located in Ibiza, Spain.

Speaking of the design process and inspirations behind the card design, Diego said,

“The client wanted their brand to be literal, many proposals were sent. But they were focused on being literal. If your sale was for boat or yacht rental, see what to see in the isotype.”

Nalu logosNALU card_front design

He continued, “Nalu comes from the word ‘waves in the sea’. The font used was Helvetica Neve (modified).”

“The range of colour is blue that symbolizes the sea and gold because the wealth of Ibiza is the brand’s location.”

“The isotype is built with a wave and the yacht, giving strength and dynamism to the brand.”

The client handled the card-printing himself.

Diego suggested, “I’d print the cards in high relief with textured paper – no gloss, just matte. The card design remains minimal, with the focus being on the functionality of the brand.”

NALU businesscardNALU business cardsNALU poster design

Designed by Diego Cisneros

For Nalu

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