Mr Crocodile Design Studio Business card

MrCrocodile business card

Extra Narrative designed these business cards for Mr Crocodile, a part of the branding project for Nomad Design Studio based in Shanghai.

“The graphic was inspired by retro Chinese graphic design. As what it says, ‘may you have good luck and have fun every day!’. The crocodile illustration in the middle is a metaphor of luck and power, as well as a hint of the function of the accessories being a bottle opener,” explained Felix, the co-founder of Extra Narrative.

MrCrocodile logoMrCrocodile bottle opener2MrCrocodile packaging

“The typography used are Blouders Regular and Myriad Pro. The Chinese characters are all customized typeface designed by us.”

Apart from the business cards, Extra Narrative also designed the gift cards along with the packaging for the studio accessories.

“The gift cards are designed to let you write on the back of the cards before presenting them to your families, friends, lovers etc.,” Felix said.

These business cards were printed on Kraft paper via 4-colour printing by a local printing company in Shanghai.

MrCrocodile_front designMrCrocodile business cardsMrCrocodile cards MrCrocodile card_front2 MrCrocodile card front designMrCrocodile bottle opener

Designed by Extra Narrative

For Mr Crocodile (The Nomad Shop)

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