Mr.Bee Honey Business Card

Mr Bee business card

Diano Kitanovski designed these business cards for Mr.Bee, a local family owned honey business located in the Styria region of northeastern Slovenia.

The client wanted a versatile visual identity, one that could be applied on items as diverse as staff uniforms, aprons, social media, beehives, packaging and print collateral.

“The design idea was to capture the vibe of Mr.Bee’s colourful beehive, people, the elements of the honey industry and build the identity with roots from the heart of their home, where they started producing high-quality honey and bee-related products,” Diano said.

The visual identity has a classy and unique appearance due to its catchy pattern and typography, with the latter been perfectly presented through the logotype.

Mr Bee businesscard
“As I did not wish to do ‘just another bee’ for a logo, so I used type called Koper from Luzi Type Foundy to subtly reflect as if the logo ‘Mr.Bee’ is made of few broken honeycomb pieces that spell out Mr. Bee, hence the broken honeycomb used as ‘cardholders’ that you saw in the pictures.”

Mr Bee business cardsMr Bee cards honeycomb
These duplexed business cards were printed by Lunch press. The front side of the card was printed on Conqueror Wove Cream; the reverse side was applied with gold matte foil on Keaykolour Original Holly 300 gsm, Pop’ set Californian Blue 240 gsm, Pop’ set Hot Brown 320 gsm, Pop’ set Spring Green 240 gsm.

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Mr Bee business cardMr Bee card_patternMr Bee branding2Mr Bee bag

Designed by Diano Kitanovski

Printed by Lunch press

For Mr.Bee

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