Mosses Bazaar Florist Brand Business Card

Mosses Bazaar florist business cards

Ewelina Kotra designed these business cards for Mosses Bazaar, a floristic brand with a story to tell.

Ewelina managed the visual identity, packaging design, and art direction of the brand. With a delicate touch, she transformed her client’s dream into a captivating brand experience.

Even the business cards are a work of art on their own! Designed in multiple versions, they are meant to stand out with their unique typography and colour choice.


Brand Image

Mosses Bazaar was founded by Anna Nosowicz in 2021. After years in the advertising industry, she took the leap of faith, leaving everything behind to pursue her true passion of floristry full-time.

This deeply personal journey of self-discovery and artistic self-realisation is beautifully woven into every detail of Mosses Bazaar’s brand identity, including the design of these business cards.

Also, this florist brand took inspiration from Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of floral arrangement. The art emphasises simplicity, understated elegance and appreciation of nature.

It’s a stylized way of making the flowers come alive, allowing the recipients to feel something upon seeing the flowers.

Mosses Bazaar logotype


Typography & Colours

At the heart of Mosses Bazaar’s brand identity is a custom typographic logo that leaves a memorable impression!

It’s not just any font but a visual representation that alludes to the unique compositions of flowers, including their stems, leaves and flower buds. The same goes with the graphic elements that have been used throughout the visual identity.

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As for the brand’s colour palette, vivid and contrasting tones were chosen to evoke the vibrancy of the natural world. When combined with the font and illustrative symbols, they bring the business cards to life—a true moment of vitality and authenticity for the floristry!

All in all, Mosses Bazaar’s business cards are more than just visiting cards. Prospects can choose their preferred card from a variety of colours, making the cards a work of art or a great conversation opener.


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Designed by Ewelina Kotra

For Mosses Bazaar

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