MÖS Event Planning Business Card

El Gallinero designed these business cards for MÖS, a company owned by Marta GM who has a 20 year experience in the production of events, linked to communication agencies and producers.

“The client decides to take the leap creating specific work teams, to propose and manage projects full of creativity, accompanied by professional ethics, technique and viability,” said Cesc Grau, the Art Director of The Gallinero Studio.

“To create this platform, she doesn’t want to do it under her own name because she believes in team work. The result of the naming MÖS is a joint work of brainstorming. After several meetings, we came to define the concept of MÖS. Both in Catalan and in Swedish MÖS means ‘bite’, the part of a whole and the key to everything. MÖS are MOMENTS.”

“The visual identity of MÖS is created based on desaturated colours. We’re looking for a neutral tone, something calm and harmonious where the projects of the clients stand out. Therefore, the color palette consists of imperial blue, stone, gray and beige. They are used to mark the basis of work for the development of MÖS communication materials,” Cesc said.

These business cards were letterpress-printed on Colorplan Illis Stone 350gr and Colorplan Illis Imperial Blue 350gr by Tormiq Impremta through Anestore, an official Colorplan Paper distributor in Barcelona, Spain.

Designed by El Gallinero (The Gallinero Studio)

Printed by Tormiq Impremta



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