Morrisons Made Winery Business Card

Morrisons Made business card

Brooke Cavallaro designed these business cards for Morrisons Made, a family owned winery.

This was a conceptual design by Brooke as a re-branding concept for a Hunter Valley Winery. The project included the brand name development, logo & branding and packaging. The branding aims to reflect the quality and tradition of Morrisons’ wine.

Morrisons Made logo

Morrisons Made business cards
“The mission was to create a seamless brand story that sets the brand apart and establishes them as a front runner in the industry,” Brooke said. “I was inspired by the modern typography and impactful, rich tones.”

Small caps were used for the brand name on the card. The font used is called Ginebra but Brooke had made some adjustments to it for this visual identity. Overall, it’s a minimal yet elegant business card design!

Morrisons Made business card


Designed by Brooke Cavallaro

For Morrisons Made

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