Morning Glory Stationery Business Card

Hyeonggi Kwon designed these business cards for Morning Glory, a stationery brand with a long history in Korea.

“Recently, I heard that ‘Morning Glory’ is trying to transform itself from an old brand image into a young, trendy, comprehensive lifestyle shop. Therefore, the brand essence was redesigned to give a brighter and more energetic vibe.” Hyeonggi said.

“A dynamic brand logo and pattern that originate from the alphabet M, which is also the initial of the brand name, was created and applied throughout the brand materials. Also, I wanted to express a brand image that is both young and energetic through constantly moving dots and lines.”

The logo was designed to represent the dynamic and vibrant core value of the new brand image.

The round edges and tilt angles are used to show various changes based on five points, and as a communication element with a familiar feeling related to both ‘stationery’ and ‘lifestyle’.

The soft rounded corners of the typography also conveys a soft, friendly image.

When it comes to card-printing, Hyeongg suggested, “It was intended to actively expose brand colours and patterns to the sides (with the aim of using thick materials to ensure sufficient visual exposure) and back, except for the front part that conveys information.”


Designed by Hyeonggi Kwon

For Morning Glory

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