Mor Bar Cohen Interior Designer Business Card

Mor Bar Cohen business cards

Petek Design designed these business cards for Mor Bar Cohen, an interior designer emphasizing relaxing and minimal approach in home styling.

The business card is designed to reflect a clean, sophisticated and timeless brand image.

“The design inspiration was based on architecture lines and interior plans,” said Efrat Elie, the Graphic Designer at Petek Design.

“We wanted to combine the brand’s initials (letters ‘M’ and ‘B’) so they will create a new shape with a sense of grid touch.”

As for the half circle and line on the contact details side of the card, “That was the graphic language based on the lines of the logo.”

“The half circle is the letter ‘b’ while the straight lines are from the letter ‘M’,” Efrat explained.

These business cards were printed on a white cardboard with a matte lamination topping.


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Mor Bar Cohen business cardMor Bar Cohen business cardsMor Bar Cohen business card2Mor Bar Cohen logo2

Designed by Efrat Elie at Petek Design

For Mor Bar Cohen

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