Moody’s Ice Cream Business Card

Moodys business cards

Abby Haddican Studio designed these business cards for Moody’s, a startup that makes mood-boosting ice cream.

Moody’s packs herbalist ingredients and adaptogens into their ultra-premium product to create ‘flavors you feel’. Abby managed the branding project including designing the company’s logo, packaging and business cards.

Moodys logoMoodys flavors_you_feel
“The typography for the brand’s logo and tagline ‘flavors you feel’ are custom-made; the supporting typeface is Raisonné from Colophon Foundry. The type and colour scheme were meant to evoke a fun, fluid, relaxed vibe and to stand out as a new and different option in the freezer section,” Abby said.

Moodys all-flavours
Apart from the adorable typography and beautiful pastel colours, the product’s packaging is worth a mention as well. Each flavour is designed in a way that not only tastes great but delivers a targeted health or sensory benefit: Rosemary Mint Chip (feel awoke), Ginger Citrus (feel conscious), Lavender Blueberry (feel chill) and Hot Hot Chocolate (feel deep yes).

Moody’s business cards are not printed yet but Abby did share the possible printing outcome, “We were planning to print these digitally though Jukebox Print on their house stock with a gritty matte texture.”

Moodys business_cards
“The gritty matte was selected to make the cards ‘surprising’ from a tactile standpoint, since ‘gritty’ is the opposite of the smooth fluidity that the branding and the product naturally evoke.”

“While I always love designing more premium cards, this was meant to be a budget card, printed in small quantities to keep things flexible as the client gets their business up and running,” she added.

Moodys business cards2Moodys packaging_1Moodys packaging_mintMoodys packaging_citrusMoodys packaging_chocolateMoodys packaging_lavenderMoodys packaging

Designed by Abby Haddican Studio

For Moody’s

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