Monaro Coffee Business Card

MONARO business cards

Anastasia Salmanova designed these business cards for Monaro, a coffee brand that cultivates their coffee in an ecological way.

Anastasia managed the project including designing the brand’s logo, brand identity and packaging.

“All of Monaro’s coffee beans are harvested by hand from different countries: Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. It is an eco-friendly company: they recycle, use green power and printed materials that are climate neutral. Also, they offer their coffee in bins with deposit. You can bring your used coffee bags and they will collect them in ‘Zero Waste Box’,” Anastasia said.



Besides creating a logo that looks nice, readable and evoke associations with coffee, Anastasia puts a lot of effort in making sure the logo looks good on all the merchandise, stationary items and in café interior design too!

“The final logo was chosen from lots of sketches. Its letters are specially created for Monaro. The main feature is that both letters ‘o’ and ‘a’ are similar to coffee beans – it’s the connotative meaning of these letters.”

MONARO box design
The pattern on the back of the card is based on the letter ‘o’ and it matches the idea of the coffee beans as well.

Explaining more about the colours used in the visual identity, Anastasia said, “The colours were inspired by the process of coffee-making (from the maturation to roasting of coffee beans). At this point, yellow is when coffee beans get ripe; red is when they are already ripen and brown is when they are roasted.”

MONARO business card2MONARO business card1

MONARO business card3
These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The cards should be printed using cotton paper (yellow, brown, red) and gold foil (brown foil on yellow one) embossing,” Anastasia suggested.

MONARO business cardsMONARO red packaging MONARO yellow packaging

MONARO brown packagingMONARO packaging MONARO cup designsMONARO bags and cups

Designed by Anastasia Salmanova

For Monaro

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