Mode Sensors Business Cards

Mode Sensors business cards

Lorenzo Rocco designed these business cards for Mode Sensors, a medtech company that’s developing an innovative body-worn and disposable sensor patch that measures different vital parameters in patients (such as hydration levels, heart rate, skin temperature and activity) non-invasively (no contact with blood).

When been asked about the inspiration behind the logo design, Lorenzo replied, “It was inspired by two elements: the sensor icon and the circle. The former represents the technological aspect of the company and immediately reminds modernity & technology while the latter represents security and protection.”

Mode Sensors logo

Mode SensorsMode Sensors logo variations
“I built the letters on a circular cage to recall the lines of the pictogram. The font used for the logo is Domus.”

According to Lorenzo, the colour palette reminds people about technology and it is based on 3 colours: purple, coral and teal.

“Purple can be used for texts on a light background or as a background for a document/product. Coral can be used only for the elements like commas, points and embellishments of the text (only on purple background). Finally, there’s teal, which can be used for texts (header only) and looks better on a purple background.”

Mode Sensors branding2


Lorenzo also created the stationery set mockups. “I wanted to create something playful that recalls the mid-tech field (the round shapes of the logo are perfect to become fundamental elements of the stationery),” he explained.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, Lorenzo would suggest his client to use MOO for their quality printout. “I suggested to my client to print the cards on 350gr matte paper with UV coating,” he added.

Mode Sensors business cardMode Sensors boxes

Designed by Lorenzo Rocco at Elle Visual

For Mode Sensors

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