Misfit Brew Club Kombucha Business Card

Misfit Brew Club business cards

Anzhelika Hovhannisyan designed these business cards for Misfit Brew Club, a hard kombucha company located in York, Pennsylvania since 2021.

Misfit Brew Club’s mission is to create unique product experiences that help to elevate the community in its their authentic way.

The inspiration behind the overall design was to create a visual identity similar to a dive bar, an underground vibe. The pink neon effect on the card is, no doubt, the most eye-catching feature of the business card design.

An otherwise black-and-white business card is given a pop of colour by the bright pink. Speaking of the inspiration behind her colour selection, Anzhelika said, “This was to create a style and colour scheme for a cyberpunk/grunge-inspired concept with neon.”

Misfit Brew Club stickers

Other additional elements include wavy patterns and the illustration of the CEO’s lovely dog.

According to Anzhelika, “The wavy patterns were inspired by the New Techno style, which connects with the techno vibe of the brand identity”.

The typography used in the visual identity are Bemio regular and Montserrat.

These business cards were printed on a 330gsm black card with neon edges.

Misfit Brew Club business card Misfit Brew Club stickers_2Misfit Brew Club social media

Designed by Anzhelika Hovhannisyan

For Misfit Brew Club

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