Miel & Cacao Coffee Shop Business Card

Miely & Cacao business cards

Pamela Machado designed these business cards for Miel & Cacao, a convivial space with multiple coffee options: authentic drinks prepared by chef Sofía Flores, who travelled from her hometown to install this cute coffee shop in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico.

“Sofia always wanted a business that feels like being at home. As a chef, she loves to make her own coffee recipes every season. In her coffee shop you can find regular coffee options like cappuccino, but her goal for this business is making people go there because of her original coffee creations,” Pamela said.

The business card has rounded corners to express a welcoming, friendly image. Besides that, it also has beautiful illustrations and patterns to convey the brand message effectively!

Miely & Cacao products


Logo, Illustrations

According to Pamela, the bee in the logo was inspired by the business name, Miel, which means honey.

The brand name ‘Miel & Cacao’ actually means ‘Honey & Cocoa’ in French. That’s why the owner’s business card has a honey pattern in the background and the imagotype in the middle.

(Note: Imagotype is the combination of icon/logo (graphic) and isotype/wordmark (text).)


Miely & Cacao logoMiely & Cacao cafe illustration

“The other side of the card has a little house illustration on the left (which is the front of the business) and on the right side you can see a cup with rainy coffee beans. This represents the endless homemade coffees you can get at the coffee shop,” Pamela explained.

“The loyalty cards includes coffee beans all around the logotype version. On the other side, you can see 10 yellow dots with a coffee bean and a free coffee cup at the end.”

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Miely & Cacao loyalty cards


Typography & Colours

Pamela selected a simple serif font for the logotype to contrast with the icon.

“Using the bee style, I created a new graphic language for the menu, I designed one illustration for each section: Espressos, En las rocas, Tés y Tisanas, Frappés.”

“For the titles, I selected Cormorant font because I wanted to have a different look and feel from the logo. For text blocks, I selected Prompt font. This typography has different styles (black, italic) which is always good in case you want to specify something on the menu or any other application.”

“The colour yellow is used to bring joy to the brand. The honey pattern and the coffee beans were made from scratch with watercolours.”

These business cards were printed on premium matte paper with rounded corners by Quick Prints, a local printing company in Tijuana, Mexico.


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Miely & Cacao business cardMiely & Cacao stickerMiely & Cacao patterncoffeebean_honey pattern

Miely & Cacao packagingMiely & Cacao drinksMiely & Cacao coffee2Miely & Cacao coffeeMiely & Cacao menu

Designed by Pamela Machado

Printed by Quick Prints

For Miel & Cacao

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