Michelle Raabe Graphic Designer Business Card

Michelle Raabe designed these business cards for her self-branding, Michelleevelyn, as a graphic designer and illustrator.

“This was a personal branding piece. As this was my industry and for this, I wanted to showcase the best of my abilities – clean, simple and legible; yet chaotic, messy and attention seeking. Most of my work is inspired by 1920’s house of mouse, Mcbess, j3concepts & any video games I happen to be into at the time of creation,” Michelle said.

“A love of simplicity mixed with a love of uniquely crafted imagery.” How fascinating!


These business cards were printed by MOO, and according to Michelle,

“The cardstock is 100% cotton, soft with a subtle texture. No gloss, I wanted a muted classic finish. I use textured card as I like to give the ink room to bleed, giving the piece a more unique feel, less mass produced especially, as I only do small runs as I redesign my card often.”

And Michelle was right, we came across her latest design just recently and it’s just as brilliant! Both designs are somewhat similar (design inspiration-wise) except for a few changes. Michelle had chosen a basic colour palette this time (black/white), rearranged the typographies and applied a much simpler, organized approach (to give off that professional vibe) to her visual identity.

“The new version was to reflect my two versions of skills, one side as a professional graphic designer, the other as a jack of all creative trades.” Check out the picture below:

Now back to the previous card design, we asked Michelle if she ever considered edge-painting and she replied,

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“Unfortunately the old cards were not edge painted. If I were to, it would be black on the new design and warm yellow on the original (previous) design.” Sounds like a good idea!


Designed by Michelle Raabe

Printed by MOO

For Michelleevelyn a.k.a. Michelle Raabe (personal-branding)

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