Meyha Business Card

Meyha business cards

Andre Forbeck designed these business cards for Meyha, a men’s accessories store.

Meyha is a brand that caters to men who care about their personal style and the attention they receive when they wear unique and exclusive accessories. This includes earrings, rings and wallets.

“Meyha is a project of visual exploration. The identity is composed of a type of texture known as ‘fluid painting’. It gives the brand a more contemporary and distinctive look, while still maintaining a strong sense of identity,” Andre explained.

Meyha business card



meyha logo

Speaking of the brand’s typography, “During the brand creation process, I considered a typeface that would convey the essence of the brand and its personality,” Andre said.

“Because it is a modern and exclusive brand, I sought out a typeface with unique ligatures and rounded corners. The font is called Ceria – Modern Vintage (by Sensatype Studio), and it carries modern traits and adds value to the brand.”

The client handled the card-printing himself. Andre suggested having the business cards printed on couche matte paper weight of between 250g and 300g.

Meyha business cards_1Meyha branding_2

Meyha branding_1Meyha billboard

Designed by Andre Forbeck

For Meyha

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