Mélimélo Pastry Business Card

Daniela Arcila designed these business cards for Mélimélo, a Mexican and French fusion pastry shop.

“The name ‘Mélimélo’ means ‘combination’ or ‘mix of two things’ in French. Melimelo’s identity is highlighted by geometric patterns inspired by the most famous Mexican and French breads, for instance, baguettes and pan de muerto,” Daniela said.


“We took this project on as a challenge with the goal being to create a brand that can combine two completely different countries in a clean, subtle, and simple way. The blatant French logo variation that is applied to the business cards represents the carefree, vibrant and embodiment of the Mexican spirit that throws traditional conventions to the wind. The bright and contrasting colours, combined with brushes of light pink and gold are complemented by a touch of the sweet and contemporary. ”


These business cards were screen-printed using two inks (blue and coral red) on a natural light pink paper by El Tintero in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Designed by Daniela Arcila

Printed by El Tintero

For Mélimélo

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