Mark Eggrüs & Co. Construction Business Card

Mark Eggrüs business cards

Titus Ruiz designed these business cards for Mark Eggrüs & Co., a new small family business in Finland that is dedicated to the design and construction of modular wooden furniture.

“Mark is a person very connected with nature and is committed to artisanal work. He wanted something simple, rustic and reflective of his handwork,” Titus said.

“I chose a green colour inspired by the leaves of the trees whose trunks will pass through the hands of Mark and his team before becoming a piece of furniture.”

Mark Eggrüs business card

“Simple and minimalist as its pieces, I chose the Circula Medium typeface for the name and logo. For the contact information, I used the Caliber Regular typeface. All printed in white,” Titus explained.

These business cards are not printed yet, but according to Titus, they will be printed on colorplan paper with white ink and embossing. Explaining the reason, Titus said, “The idea was to design a card that people could feel the nature of the product, through the paper texture and its embossed effect.”

“As for the printing company, I think they will choose exaprint,” he added.


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Mark Eggrüs business cards

Designed by Titus Ruiz

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For Mark Eggrüs & Co.

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