Maria Bicuda Cactus Business Card

Maria Bicuda business card

Miguel Dias designed these business cards for Maria Bicuda, a self-promotional project Miguel made for a conceptual cactus business.

At one glance, one can easily been attracted to the lively illustrations on the card design. According to Miguel, “This branding design was inspired by the love that my mom, Maria, has to all kinds of cactus.”

maria_bicuda businesscard


Apart from that, Miguel had put in a lot of thoughts in choosing the perfect colour palette and typography to go along with the visual identity. The typography used in this branding project is called Sporting Grotesque, by Velvetyne foundry. Miguel made a few adjustments to the fonts and frankly speaking, that’s a smart move!

“I gave it a tweak – I did some changes in order for it to look like the cactus thorns,” Miguel said.

maria_bicuda fontMaria Bicuda logotype
The business card design has a nice contrast due to the striking colours. Also, the cards have multiple versions by using different illustrations as backgrounds to the logotype. All in all, it’s an impressive and one-of-a-kind business card design that’s not to be missed!

2_maria_bicuda illustration

Designed by Miguel Dias

For Maria Bicuda

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