Margo Wellness Acupuncturist Business Card

Margo Wellness business cards

Hayley Fedders designed these business cards for Margo Wellness, a cosmetic acupuncturist within Ventura and Ojai, California.

Hayley partnered up with her client to complete full brand and web strategy, including logo, brand collaterals and website design.

“For this design, we wanted to keep a holistic and earthy vibe throughout, keeping in mind the industry and clientele of her business. Along with her unique services, we wanted to complement those offerings with unique branding,” Hayley said.

Margo Wellness logo variationsMargo Wellness iconsMargo Wellness logo
“We incorporated a full branding design with custom illustrations to represent her different services. We loved using these icons within her website design to show off the available services as well as illustrate the brand’s vibe and feel. We highlighted her colour palette on each page with shapes, icons, and coloured typography, creating a fun and approachable feel.”

The same colour palette was used throughout the collateral materials, including business cards. The typeface used for the logo is Glamour House from creative market.

These business cards were printed on Luxe 32pt paper by Moo.

“We wanted the cards to feel very luxurious and sturdy when held in a hand,” Hayley said.

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Margo Wellness business card Margo Wellness logo and business cardMargo Wellness logo_websiteMargo Wellness website

Designed by Hayley Fedders at Studio Seaside

Printed by MOO

For Margo Wellness

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