MAPA Architects Business Card

MAPA business card

Hungry Studio designed these business cards for MAPA, an architectural studio in Bratislava, Slovakia.

“When talking about branding for architectural studios and agencies, we need to mention about a ‘black & white’ phenomenon. However, MAPA architects are young and creative individuals with a fresh view on the industry, so it felt like the right opportunity to break this rule and make the visual identity colourful,” explained Ester Nemcová, the Graphic Designer at Hungry Studio.

MAPA business card_closeupMAPA card design

“We created custom hatches which they might use in their own architectural drafts so the visual identity may become connected with their own designs. The name of the typeface used in the card design is called ‘Topol’, designed by Filip Matějíček (Heavyweight Type Foundry).”

These business cards were printed by Prikler Print Atelier on custom-made duplex paper (creative papers from Arjowiggins) in 4 colour combinations. Matte hot foil stamping was applied on the back design of the card.

MAPA business cardsMAPA cards edgesMAPA card edgesMAPA colourful edges

Designed by Hungry Studio

Printed by Prikler Print Atelier


For MAPA Architects

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