Map My Customers Business Card

Ashmita Bhattacharyya designed these business cards for Map My Customers, a platform for outside sales execution and CRM (customer relationship management).

“MMC helps salespeople to keep track of their customers, have follow-up visits with them, schedule meetings, find the most optimized route for visits, find leads in a particular area, manage territories, teams, track performance and many other features that help to increase productivity and efficiency,” Ashmita said.

MMC’s business cards come in various back designs. Ashmita explained, “I had in mind that I’d create different designs for different roles in the company. For example, a designer’s business card would be different from that of a developer. The illustrations are according to the roles. The focus was to create beautiful business cards that could make an impact to the people upon seeing it.”

Here are the variations created for the back designs, using the same colour palette throughout:


CEO’s Business Card

CTO’s Business Card

Customer Service’s Business Card


Designer’s Business Card

Developer’s Business Card

Marketing’s Business Card

With one-side relies heavily on illustrations, it’s a smart choice to keep the front design minimal with clear and necessary information. A simple phrase of ‘Hi, I’m…’ been added before each name, sending a polite and friendly vibe while being professional at the same time.


Designed by Ashmita Bhattacharyya

For Map My Customers

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