Makai Café & Bakery Business Card

Makai business card

Michelle Habib designed these business cards for Makai Café & Bakery, a Hawaiian-owned boutique café.

“Also known as Makai, the café is located on the tranquil waterfront, which is fitting for its Hawaiian name meaning ‘towards the water’. It’s a refuge from the bustling city, where comfort and style unite,” Michelle said.

Makai logo

Makai Signage

Logo Design & Wave Illustration

There are two versions of business card: one with the Makai wave and the other with the Makai wordmark. According to Michelle, the ultra-thick decorative wordmark is nostalgic of iconic Hawaiian signage.

“The smooth full-bodied serif adds a sophisticated touch to cater to the brand’s ethos. The stems of the ‘m’ letterform look like two waterfalls descending to the ocean. The tapering at the top of the ‘a’ letterforms, the ball terminals and the curves are reminiscent of the formation of crests in ocean waves.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the wave illustration, she continued, “The illustrated wave can be used as an ornament to supplement the branding and pay tribute to vintage illustrated Hawaiian posters. Sketched ocean waves help transport the island aesthetic to the café & bakery.”

Makai logo constructionMakai Waves Illustration


Typography & Colour Palette

The typography used for the logotype is Mastadoni (by Eclectotype).

“Mastadoni is a bold and curvy typeface that perfectly captures the sophistication and inviting ethos of the brand. The typeface has been modified to allow for legibility. It’s paired with GT America (Grilli Type).”

There are three main colours been used in the visual identity: dark teal, copper and beige. The objective of the colour palette is to create a natural, earthy and inviting feel; an escape from the city, while drawing from natural elements of Hawaii.

Makai business card3Makai colour palette
“Dark teal is a deep blue-green colour that draws from both elements: the ocean and the tropical forestry in Hawaii. Green, evokes a feeling of rejuvenation and optimism while blue, evokes a feeling of calm stability. Both qualities are reflected here,” Michelle explained.

“Copper is a warm and inviting colour that evokes rustic luxury to bring a feeling of the familiar. Metallic foiling should be used where possible. As for beige, it is a flexible, calm colour that helps to neutralize the dark teal and copper.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “Ideally, the paper stock should be thick linen with copper foil. On the reverse, the text should be printed with white ink,” Michelle suggested.


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Designed by Michelle Habib

For Makai Café & Bakery

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