Magdalena Chique Beauty Salon Business Card

Fernanda Helayel designed these business cards for Magdalena Chique, a beauty salon.

“The client wanted a very brazilian brand that immediately referred to their business. We created a modern brand, with hot, earth-related colours applied in elements that refer to beauty: a stylized woman´s face with makeup and a well-defined haircut that is built with some earth-related shapes,” Fernanda replied when we asked about the inspiration behind the design.

Fernanda decided to choose brown colour for the logo design because it suits well with the concept and the printing techniques chosen for the cards – silk screen and letterpress printing.

Natural paper was the material used for the business card; edge painted with orange colour to complete a stunning brand identity!


Designed by Fernanda Helayel from Cartolina Design

For Magdalena Chique (Beauty Salon)

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