Maderable Woodshop Business Card

Bicefalo Brand Studio designed these business cards for Maderable, a woodshop specialized in premium and high end projects such as hotels, restaurants, apartments and retail stores in México City and Yucatán peninsula.

“The main idea for the brand was to show what they do: different kinds of projects with different kinds of woods for different kinds of clients, so we created the concept of endless possibilities,” said Eduardo Cámara, the Creative Director of Bicefalo Brand Studio.

“The logo shows a rectangular element which represents a window, (as a window or world of possibilities for clients and projects), and that’s why business cards have different wood textures or photos on the back of the card.”

“We also created different logomarks or ‘isotype’ variations playing with the window concept, placing it in different positions, helping it to have a memorable and dynamic brand… not so repetitive placing the same logo everywhere.”

These business cards were printed on 250g matte couché paper with a matte foil finish by Visual Print in Mérida, México.

Designed by Bicefalo Brand Studio

Printed by Visual Print

For Maderable

Business Card Printing
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