Made You Look Graphic Designer Business Card

This is an interesting business card design by Made You Look for his personal branding as a London-based graphic designer who specializes in bright colours and bold drawings to create typographic designs which also tend to include illusional twists challenging the way the design is seen.

“I started to work on my own personal branding and obviously needed a business card as part of that,” said Aidan Gooding Donoghue a.k.a. Made You Look.

Apart from the striking yellow colour, the bold characters of the logotype and the two punched holes are no doubt the eye-catchers of this card design.

Made You Look business card

“Using the logo that I created, I decided that the main colour of the card needed to be bright and bold to stand out. I also wanted the design to be interactive, so by punching holes in the card it would mean that each card would be individual, creating a different experience for anyone receiving the card and hopefully will make you look!”

These business cards were printed on soft touch super business cards by Moo.

Designed by Made You Look

Printed by MOO

For Made You Look personal branding

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