Mac & Cheese Music Business Card

Mac & Cheese business card

Yay Graphic Studio designed these business cards for Mac & Cheese Music, an event and booking agency based in Lyon, France.

Yay Graphic Studio designed the visual identity for a duo, who work in music business and wanted a quirky design that linked to their already chosen quirky name, Mac & Cheese Music!


Loriane Montaner and Fanny Durand, the Founders of Yay Graphic Studio, shared with us the inspiration behind this fabulous pattern design, “We played with the letter ‘C’ which could be a ‘macaroni’ to create a funny and efficient design. This little pasta makes a (music) rhythm in the logo. Each member of the team had a colour in mind, so we had to find out how to make it match in order to have a nice colour range at the end.”


The yellow ‘c’ can be seen highlighted throughout the visual identity, even in contact details.

These business cards were printed by Moo. According to Loriane and Fanny, “We have always tried to print business cards in letterpress or hand printing techniques, but most of the time our clients don’t want to dedicate money for these kinds of process (although we try hard!). So we opted to print them via Moo with beautiful colours and nice quality as well.”

Regardless the printing techniques, the card design proves to be unique and extremely memorable!

Mac & Cheese business card

Designed by Yay Graphic Studio

Printed by MOO

For Mac & Cheese Music

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