Lumas Photo Gallery Business Card

Lumas Photo Gallery business cards

Kate Litvinova designed these business cards for a photo gallery named Lumas.

“Lumas is a worldwide photo gallery,” Kate explained.

” Their concept is ‘art should be for everyone’, which is why I used the most democratic, simple shapes and pure colours.”

Besides the vibrant colours, the typography arrangement on the back design of the business card is equally impressive!

“I placed their slogan ‘The Liberation of Art’ at the center of the card, highlighted it as its main idea.”

“Also, I was inspired by the retro photos from the 1950s with their incredible shades.”


These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Kate suggested,

“I would choose silk coated paper for the printing, which creates excellent contrast and makes colours brighter for the cards.”

“I prefer a low sheen surface or matte paper because it puts the focus on the logo/card design.”

Overall, it’s a great business card design that exudes confidence and style!


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Designed by Kate Litvinova

For Lumas

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