Lucia’s Cakes Business Card

Tina Homewood designed these business cards for Lucia’s Cakes, a local cake baker named Lucia who specializes in custom cake designs for a variety of occasions and clients.

“I wanted to design business cards with a visual emphasis on the product/services provided and create something that looked like the product (cake),” Tina said. “The final result was custom text designed and manipulated to look like icing. I using decorative elements to add to this and a colour palette that is associated with cakes.”

These business cards were printed on a hammered cardstock due to its texture – a clever way to give the cards a rustic feel. The entire visual identity exudes a cheerful, happy vibe that’s destined to impress!

Designed by Tina Homewood

Printed by Printed

For Lucia’s Cakes

Business Card Printing
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