Loveland Coffee Business Card

ByFarr Design designed these business cards for Loveland Coffee, a specialty coffee drive-thru in Columbia, South Carolina.

Loveland Coffee serves high quality certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee since 2012. Beach Loveland, the founder, roasts the coffee beans in their own in-house roaster, allowing them to ensure a higher level of quality and freshness.

“Loveland Coffee is committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries in both their coffee and their design. The client wanted a business card that would stop people in their tracks, and that no one would want to throw away. We oriented the card to the diamond shape of the logo, and kept the information design clean and modern,” said Laura Windham, one of the designers of ByFarr Design.

ByFarr Design printed these business cards as well. “The card was a 2-sided, 2-color letterpress job; printed on a 1905 Chandler and Price on double thick, 100% cotton paper (220# Crane’s Lettra),” Laura said.

The unique shape, large typography and striking colour palette have all contributed to this eye-catching design!

Designed by ByFarr Design

Printed by ByFarr Design

For Loveland Coffee

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