Loubás Agency Business Card

Michael Haberbosch designed these business cards for Loubás, a Berlin based agency that designs and fosters free spaces in the social sphere and supports their development. The agency organically counsels enterprises of individuals, groups and organizations from the public or private sphere and with civil society.

Michael was asked to develop a communication strategy and to design a corporate design for Loubás, including business cards, flyers, stationery, papers in different languages and a website. He decided to create a Loubás leaf as the key visual combined with a modern colour palette in contrast to a unique greyscale photo style.

Michael created several versions for the business card using different colours for the background, but maintained the same white border for all cards to put focus on the leaf illustration.

On the other side, the font of the brand name was enlarged comparing to the other communication info. Thanks to Michael’s creativity, each side of the card has a clear focus on the brand itself while able to present a clean, clutter-free design.

These business cards were offset-printed by Flyeralarm on uncoated natural paper with a pleasant feel.

Designed by Michael Haberbosch at DAS EINE Designstudio


Printed by Flyeralarm

For Loubás

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