Los Melez Business Card

Maat Studio designed these business cards for Los Melez, an audio-visual production company based in Barcelona.

Los Melez provides corporate photography and videography services for various events. They create content for projects and social networks with big brands, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

For the branding project, Los Melez was looking for a timeless and beautiful design for their brand. As a result of the client’s proposal, Maat Studio was able to create a brand that accurately reflects the vision of the company.

“The client needed a modern and elegant corporate image, something that was up-to-date and sophisticated. The design we came up with was simple yet elegant,” said the graphic designer of Maat Studio.

Los Melez stationery


Typography & Colours

The design of the business card conveys simplicity while still being eye-catching. The italicised ‘m’ in the logo effectively creates something unique and visually memorable, similar to what the brand offers.

“Los Melez are two words, but we didn’t want to separate them to achieve a visual unity. So, we designed an italic ‘M’ to separate the two words without having to create a separation. The italic ‘M’ also adds elegance to the logo.”

Los Melez logo

The typeface used for the logo design is Tropiline, which was then modified to make the logo unique. SuisseIntl is used for the body text.

“The client’s briefing was clear. They wanted a typographic, elegant and timeless logo. We proposed a logo with serif typography joining the strokes of the ‘m’ and the ‘z’ to make it more harmonic.”

As for the colour palette, it was chosen to represent the main areas of the company – photography, video and streaming.

The client printed the cards themselves. However, Maat Studio suggested having the cards offset-printed on Fedrigoni’s recycled paper – Materica Terra Rosa 360gsm.

Los Melez business cardsLos Melez_stationery

Los Melez digital mediaLos Melez website

Designed by Maat Studio

For Los Melez

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