Llar i Foc Business Card

CODE Barcelona designed these burned wooden business cards for Llar i Foc, a chimney company.

“We chose wood as the main material for this business card design. We burned the business cards, making a reference towards the burning wood inside the fireplaces and chimneys.”

“We used beech tree for the business card wood material and were laser burned to accomplish a low relief in the typography and logo, which made the cards look really great. We left the wood varnish free, to ensure a natural tactile, so it was as close as possible to the natural wood from the forest.”

 These business card were cut and printed by Ivel Color, a printing company in Barcelona. The card is 2mm thick and has a great appearance which can be appreciated by anyone who received it.

Designed by CODE, Barcelona

Printed by Ivel Color, Barcelona

For Llar i Foc

Business Card Printing
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