Limavis Business Card

Limavis business card4

Anamarija Leljak designed these business cards for Limavis, a Croatian company that won multiple prizes for its air massage machine.

“The design objective was for Limavis to become a recognizable and attractive brand in the Croatian and European wellness market,” Anamarija said. “The visual identity needed to look professional, pleasant and appear as a unique brand identity within the industry.”

Limavis logo
Speaking of the design concept, Anamarija continued, “Since the air machine is producing the waves on the skin, therefore the starting point was the line of the wave implemented into the logo design. The circle shape is representing the harmony and wholeness which the wellness experience is trying to offer for each client.”

Limavis business card1
Two types of fonts were used in this branding design: Pacifico and Futura. Anamarija created a few variants for the business cards by using vibrant colour combinations, “The playful colour palette creates positive emotions and was carefully chosen in order to stand out from the competitors.”

These business cards were printed locally by a Croatian printing company.

Designed by Anamarija Leljak at Anamarija Red

For Limavis

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