Lila Business Card

Lila business card

Mar Cerdeira designed these business cards for Lila, a garden design company with the expertise to build inspirational gardens for clients across the world.

According to Mar, she developed the visual identity using vintage botanic illustrations and modern typography. The design was inspired by nature with classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Lila logo
The card design exudes a warm, classy and feminine vibe. When asked about the inspirations behind the typography and colour palette, Mar replied, “I looked for a friendly type, but elegant at the same time. I was very interested in a font with ligatures to give a little special detail that helps me to build a memorable brand in a simple version.” (One of the fonts used in the design is Archer)

Lila brandingLila stationery
She continued, “As the pictures of the gardens has a lot of amazing colours, our colour palette should be very plain and soft with colours that you can easily find in the nature. The illustrations were taken from an amazing vintage botanical illustrations book. This kind of illustrations transmits experience, elegance and good taste.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I’d print them on Cotton paper Mohawk, 300gr. It is a natural and eco-friendly paper with an amazing texture and feel nice,” Mar suggested.

Lila business cardLila stationery2

Designed by Mar Cerdeira

For Lila

Business Card Printing
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