Let’s Go! Support Service Business Card

Borne designed these business cards for Let’s Go! Support Service, which supports disabled individuals to events, gigs, music festivals and sports games.

“Let’s Go! Support Service makes a night out something accessible, easy and above all else enjoyable for the disabled,” said Jayden Osborne, the Art Director of Borne.

“They’re young, professional disability support workers who build relationships and ensure their clients have a good time at festivals, concerts, sporting events and more.”

The card has a striking, colourful and modern design that brings the brand to life!


“The primary objective from the brief was to convey the fun experience and excitement their client is feeling when utilizing Let’s Go! Support Service.”

“We achieved this through a vibrant colour palette and a friendly stencil logotype.”

“The letterforms then provided the shapes for lively patterns that represent and celebrate the variety of the human condition.”

These business cards were printed by MOO and for a very good reason. “We used Moo’s Printfinity service to showcase the diversity of the brand palette and patterns,” Jayden explained.

Great contrasts, lively colours and interesting patterns – everything blend in together for that catchy business card design that stands out from the crowd. Overall, an outstanding design for a worthy profession!


Designed by Borne

Printed by MOO

For Let’s Go! Support Service

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