Leonardo Glória Lawyer Business Card

Leonardo Glória business card

Pedro Lopes designed these business cards for Leonardo Glória, a lawyer who is specializing in criminal law.

Pedro developed the brand identity for Leonardo Glória, who was intended to expand his office in order to reach more clients and has greater relevance in his area of ​​specialization – the criminal law.

According to Pedro, he created the logo based on the name of the brand and also the three common elements associating with the law.

Leonardo Glória logo

Leonardo Glória logo1Leonardo Glória logo_2
“The name ‘Leonardo’ comes from ‘Leão’, so it was easy to choose which animal would be for the symbol. To bring more originality to it, I chose to enrich the symbol with other elements: a scale, a lion and the tip of the sword of the Greek goddess, Themis.”

Leonardo Glória business card
He continued, “The scale is attributed to the meaning of justice, correct behavior according to the laws and balance; the lion represents wisdom, courage, power and justice while the tip of the sword of the Greek goddess Themis, is the personification of justice.”

As for card-printing, a simple and normal printing was applied.

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Designed by Pedro Lopes

For Leonardo Glória

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