Leading Lights Consulting Translucent Business Card

Leading Lights business card

Feldman Studio designed these business cards for Leading Lights, a consulting agency specialising in workplace coaching based in Paris, France.

Leading Lights’ philosophy is to offer a global and multifaceted approach to their clients. The company needed a visual identity that reflected both its vision and expertise.

As a result, Feldman Studio came up with the design concept that would be able to shed light on its methods: revealing the issues that Leading Lights’ clients were faced with.

Leading Lights logo

Design Concept

The translucent business card is part of the visual identity that not only conveys a modern and sensitive approach to the consulting experience but also has a memorable impact on the card recipient.

To understand the inspiration behind the unique business card design, first we need to dive into the goal behind the branding: the idea of putting the spotlight on the company based on the concept of light.

Only under specific lightning conditions can the typography be seen. Various aspects can be revealed depending on how the light source is positioned: each angle provides a different perspective and the shadows create new shapes.

Leading LightsLeading Lights branding

Typography & Business Card Printing

The same concept is reflected on the business cards, which focus on using light and transparency to deliver the brand message.

The translucent plastic allows light to pass through in two steps, in order to reveal here and there what exists within the company but is no longer visible to its leaders. From there, a cast shadow was created, which symbolises projection and anticipation, revealing a clear promise for the future.

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The typeface used on the business card is a custom version of Avenir Next. The typography is created by a series of shadows when the spotlight shines from a specific angle. Each letter casts a different shadow thickness, making the company name appear more dynamic and impactful.

These business cards were printed on translucent plastic, with white hot stamping on the front and black hot stamping on the back. The business card printing was carried out by Atelier Bulk, a printing company in Bordeaux, France.

Leading Lights_business cardLeading Lights business card_reflectionLeading Lights branding_5 Leading Lights branding_4Leading Lights branding_6Leading Lights branding_1Leading Lights branding_2 Leading Lights branding_3

Designed by Feldman Studio

Printed by Atelier Bulk

For Leading Lights

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