Le Studio Mouette Design Studio Business Card

Melanie Nancey designed these business cards for her personal branding and design studio named Le Studio Mouette.

Le Studio Mouette is a young Martinique (French West Indies) based graphic designer. Speaking of the design process and inspiration behind the logo, Melanie said, “I wanted to express the idea of a look and a resonant communication. So, the type turns on an abstract eye for the look and pictures idea, and also a dynamic shape which reminds a scream, like a wink to the easily identifiable seagull (‘Mouette’ in French) scream, for a strong and recognizable communication. The global shape is a screaming head seagull.”

These business cards were printed by Graphic Service, a Monaco based company. According to Melanie, she just wanted something clear and refined, with a singular paper and printing choice.

“The cards are a CMJN (CMYK) impression. This is a handmade three laminated paper. The white one is a 170g/m2 extra white Rives Design, with small textured dots. The yellow one between the two is a Colorplan citrine 350gr.”

Le Studio Mouette card

Le Studio Mouette card

Designed by Melanie Nancey

Printed by Graphic Service

For Le Studio Mouette personal branding

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