La Luce Wedding Photography Business Card

Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for La Luce, a personal branding for a wedding photographer named Paweł Nawrocki.

“Paweł is a photographer with over 10 years of experience in reportage photography. We had the pleasure of creating his brand identity, La Luce, focusing on the unique day of the wedding and celebrations around it,” said Paul Marcinkowski, the Brand Designer of Unifikat.

“La Luce’s goal is to preserve all these beautiful moments and emotions through its craft.”


A unique logotype can be seen on the back design of the card. According to Paul, they created the custom font to reflect the brand’s personality. “We were inspired by the lettering found in churches and basilicas when creating the brand’s typography.”

The business cards come in two versions, which can be seen on the front design of the card where a symbol that represents the idea of unity was created to resemble the fact of two people getting together. It’s meaningful, elegant and stylish!

These business cards were printed on 500g white eco paper.


Designed by Unifikat Design Studio

For La Luce

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