KUZCO Entertainment Business Card

KUZCO business card

Epikinono Studio designed these business cards for KUZCO Entertainment, a channel created by Justin Ng, a Malaysian singer-songwriter who sings, produces music, creates video/vlogs on YouTube channel and social media.

“Inspired by the bright personality of the brand, the ‘C’ in the logo is converted into a smiley face with a convertible expression as a logomark, which is also used as the graphic element and motif design of the brand,” said Yimin, the Co-Founder and Designer at Epikinono Studio.

Kuzco logo KUZCO businesscards
“The new identity needed to share fun personality and stories of the channel, but also deliver their thoughts and passion in making good music. The identity appears on the name card, online platforms and all their merchandises are using bold type and blue colour to present the unlimited creativity of the young creator.”

Kuzco namecardKuzco card design
These business cards were printed by Hot Print. According to Yimin, “It is blind spot UV on laminated 300gsm card. The blind spot UV effect on the smiley faces motif only vaguely visible on certain angles to create a fun and youthful presence.”

KUZCO business card KUZCO business cards KUZCO bag packing designs

Designed by Epikinono Studio

Printed by Hot Print

For KUZCO Entertainment

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