KOS Water Wear Business Card

KOS Letterpress Business Cards

Evan Kosowski designed these letterpress business cards for KOS, a Russian entrepreneur who provides colourful, stylish wetsuits and waterwear.

In contrast to the brand’s colourful products, Evan chose minimalism as his style of design and uses only black and white for the business cards. An interesting method to stand out and make an impression!

When asked about the inspiration behind his design, Evan mentioned Massimo Vignelli and Swiss design. The latter is based on strong simplicity in typography in minimalism and was a cornerstone of his design education.

The business cards were screen printed by Demonpress. They gave the logo mark a nice blind impression on the card, a result of the letterpress printing technique.

KOS Letterpress Business Cards


Designed by Evan Kosowski

Printed by Demonpress


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