Korebi Coffee Roasters Business Card

Korebi Coffee Roasters business cards

Lianne Mendes designed these business cards for Korebi Coffee Roasters, a coffee roasting company in India serving 100% Arabica coffee.

Korebi is derived from the Japanese word Komorebi, which means the sunlight streaming through the leaves onto the ground. According to Lianne, that was the foundation on which she created the brand identity.

“Just like the meaning behind the name, I wanted to create an organic, soft and natural visual language. For the logo, I created a hand drawn illustration of the coffee plant itself and used a font with a humanist feel to it so your eyes flow smoothly over it.”

Korebi Coffee Roasters packagingKorebi Coffee Roasters cup
She continued, “The colour palette I used were soft pastels to keep with the mood. I wanted the overall design to be super clean and minimal but still have soul into it to represent the organic nature of the coffee growing culture in India.”

These business cards are not printed. When it comes to card-printing, “I envisioned these cards to be printed on a smooth textured paper to keep it nice and clean. I also wanted the edges of the cards to be a different color,” Lianne suggested.

Korebi Coffee Roasters business card Korebi Coffee packaging design Korebi Coffee packaging

Designed by Lianne Mendes

For Korebi Coffee Roasters

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