King Tide Fish & Shell Seafood Restaurant Business Card

King Tide Fish & Shell business card

Bootjack Creative designed these business cards for King Tide Fish & Shell, a seafood restaurant owned by Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Bootjack Creative managed the branding project from naming to collateral designs. According to James van Kriedt (the Creative Director at Bootjack Creative), Kimpton Hotels was looking to create a cosy, northwestern seafood restaurant inspired by Fishing Lodges.

King Tide Fish & Shell logoKing Tide menuKing Tide logo2
“To achieve this, we created a faux brand ‘King Tide’ and applied it to a myriad of vintage fishing ephemera – from fishing line tin labels, sardine cans to the business cards – which were inspired by historic fishing licenses, so it was as if each employee had received a license!” James said.

King Tide Fish & Shell branding
These business cards were printed digitally on Neenah Sunburst Yellow by Innerworkings in Chicago, Illinois.

“This helps mimic the yellow paper of the actual vintage fishing licenses,” James explained.

All in all, it’s a clever nod to a retro style while being memorable at the same time!

King Tide business cards and coastersKing Tide postcards

Designed by Bootjack Creative

Printed by Innerworkings

For King Tide Fish & Shell (Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants)

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