Kinetic Fitness Business Card

Kinetic business card

Jay Master designed these business cards for Kinetic, a fitness app and analytics.

According to Jay, the business card is designed to express motion, fluidity and connectivity.

“The mark is a combination of a ‘K’ and paths of movement (kinetic energy),” he said.

“We found in the process that the mark itself could be the pattern and be able to integrate into the photography.”

“It also played well with using a singular sport to highlight various aspects of the analytics.”

The colour palette used in the visual identity is super striking and energetic, and it matches the dynamic feel of the brand.

Using a sans serif typeface for the logotype is another great idea to increase legibility while maintaining a timeless design for Kinetic.

These business cards have not been printed yet, but when they do, “We want to have a spot UV on the mark itself,” Jay suggested.


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Designed by Jay Master

For Kinetic

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