Kiley Potter Personal Branding Business Card

Kiley Potter business card

Sheila San Juan designed these business cards for Kiley Potter, an advocate of self-inquiry and exploring different avenues that contribute to sound mind.

“Kiley offers a space for women within the realm of self-exploration with resources (i.e. videos, workshops, classes, meditations, blogs) for practices that one can do every day to find deep healing,” explained Sheila when asked about the business nature of her client.

Kiley Potter illustrative logo

“During the discovery phase of the branding process, we found that the vibe that she wanted was something raw, organic, discerning and inviting.”

“A warm, inviting feel was brought by the colour palette. I used a minimal-stroke method in illustrating the face of Kiley Potter.”

The typography used in the visual identity are: Freight Neo Pro Book, Lato and Belluga Solid Regular.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Sheila envisioned, “I imagine them to be printed on thick soft-touch paper.”


Kiley Potter business cardKiley Potter logoKiley Potter stationeryKiley Potter web and social

Designed by Sheila San Juan at On the Level

For Kiley Potter

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